What to Look for in a Photographer

There’s a misconception by many people that anyone with a camera can be a photographer. This is an especially risky thought to have if you’re looking for a commercial photographer in New York City. Per capita, it’s hard to imagine any city in the world having more photographers than New York and they are definitely not all created the same.

 If you’re looking for NYC fashion photographers, for example, you’ll want to begin by setting yourself a budget. It’s important you do this before even looking at a candidate’s work as you might be tempted to open that budget up a bit if you find an option you really like.

Once you have the budget, start considering people’s portfolios. While their resume is important it should largely play second fiddle to the actual work they’ve done. After all, who cares where they went to school or whom they’ve worked for if their portfolio is unimpressive?

Get a sense for the rapport you’ll have with this person. Chances are you could be working with them for a while, so chemistry is important. Photo shoots can go long, remember. Will their personality be the type that makes it feel like it’s been even longer?

While there are many other things to consider about your candidates depending on you or your company’s individual needs, the above will cover your main bases.


Article submitted by Steven Paul Photography.  Mr. Paul is a portrait photographer New York residents of all tastes and backgrounds rely on for beautiful work.