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How to Get Paid for your Articles

How to Get Paid for your Articles

If you have a way with words, why not invest in it? More and more people are discovering the joys and rewards of freelance writing. Instead of writing for yourself, write for other people who will enjoy reading your articles. Best of all, you have be a freelance writer without disrupting your current lifestyle, or you could say goodbye to your place behind the desk and work conveniently from home.... [Read more]

Mistakes to Avoid when Freelance Writing

Mistakes to Avoid when Freelance Writing

Once you have made a decision to become a freelance writer, you will need to learn how to make your writing business gain positive light. Freelance writing newbies often commit mistakes that send their chances spiraling down the drain. Here are just some of them: Plagiarizing This is the mortal sin of all writing, freelance or not. This basically happens when you steal someone else’s ideas and make... [Read more]

Get the Shot You Want When You Use These Tips

Memorable shots tend to have a reflective kind of beauty about them. They can be slow, lingering close-ups like the great Sergio Leone’s work in the Dollars Trilogy. They can be camera tricks and cuts like the Matrix perfected, but they always require significant planning. Especially in action sequences, where the camera may be positioned in a place that might bring harm to it. Here are some tips... [Read more]

Sound: How to Set Mood in Film

The Foley FX room of any sound studio is a pretty magical place, where objects that we see in our everyday lives become fodder for the sounds that make movies feel real to audiences. Sound and music can do the job of setting tone, and the lack of music especially can be poignant. We see this often in horror, where the murderer is about to claim a victim and we hear only footsteps and the killer’s... [Read more]

What to Look for in a Photographer

There’s a misconception by many people that anyone with a camera can be a photographer. This is an especially risky thought to have if you’re looking for a commercial photographer in New York City. Per capita, it’s hard to imagine any city in the world having more photographers than New York and they are definitely not all created the same.  If you’re looking for NYC fashion photographers,... [Read more]

Selecting the Best Photographer in New York

New York does not lack for artists or creative types. So if you need a photographer, you won’t have any problem finding options. Of course, not all photographers in New York are going to be up to the task. Here are some easy ways to cut through all our options. First, figure out what kind of photography you want. Is this a shoot for business reasons? Then you need a commercial photographer. Are you... [Read more]

An Interesting Take on the Matrix – By Phin Upham

“Existential Phenomenology and the Brave New World of The Matrix” is an essay written by Hubert L. Dreyfus and Stephen D. Dreyfus, included in Phin Upham’s book Space of Love and Garbage. Hubert Dreyfus is Professor of Philosophy in the graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley. His research interests bridge the analytic and Continental traditions in 20th-century philosophy,... [Read more]

Colleen McCullough, Australian author of The Thorn Birds, dies

Australian author Colleen McCullough, whose 1977 best-selling novel The Thorn Birds became a smash hit television miniseries, has died at the age of 77. McCullough turned to writing after working for more than a decade as a neuroscientist in Australia, Britain and the United States and scored almost immediate success with The Thorn Birds, a family drama set on a sheep station in the Australian outback.... [Read more]

"H is for Hawk" memoir scoops Britain’s Costa Prize

An academic's memoir of training a hawk while grieving the death of her father won Britain's prestigious Costa Book Award on Tuesday. It is the second leading award given to Helen Macdonald's “H is for Hawk”, after the book became the first ever memoir to win the non-fiction Samuel Johnson Prize in November. Macdonald, 44, a Cambridge University historian and illustrator,... [Read more]

Stieg Larsson Millenium sequel ‘That Which Does Not Kill Us’ out in August

A sequel to late Swedish author Stieg Larsson's best-selling Millenium crime trilogy will go on sale in at least 35 countries from August, the book's publishers said Tuesday. “That Which Does Not kill” was completed in November by David Lagercrantz, known for co-authoring Swedish football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic's autobiography. The book will continue the story of the troubled... [Read more]

World Chefs: Charles Phan recounts career, shares tips in new book

By Richard Leong NEW YORK (Reuters) – Award-winning chef Charles Phan chronicles his career and shares his recipes for Vietnamese cuisine in his newest cookbook, “The Slanted Door,” named after his famous San Francisco restaurant. The book, a follow-up to Phan's “Vietnamese Home Cooking,” details the history of the restaurant he opened in 1995 and includes wine notes... [Read more]

Confrontational novelist wins new French book award aimed at English market

A former prostitute who became an award-winning novelist and filmmaker, Virginie Despentes, has won a new prize dedicated to boosting the stature of French writers in the English-speaking world. A jury of French writers and English and American literary agents voted to give the first Anais Nin Prize to Despentes for her latest novel, “Vernon Subutex 1″, a fast-paced thriller set in a typically... [Read more]