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How to Get Paid for your Articles

How to Get Paid for your Articles

If you have a way with words, why not invest in it? More and more people are discovering the joys and rewards of freelance writing. Instead of writing for yourself, write for other people who will enjoy reading your articles. … Read More →

Mistakes to Avoid when Freelance Writing

Mistakes to Avoid when Freelance Writing

Once you have made a decision to become a freelance writer, you will need to learn how to make your writing business gain positive light. Freelance writing newbies often commit mistakes that send their chances spiraling down the drain. Here … Read More →

Notes on Production Scheduling

Written by: Charlie Matthau Summary: Scheduling a production involves some guesswork about what’s to come in the future. Production scheduling is a crucial skill to master, and it’s a challenge that every director/producer team is going to face. There are … Read More →

One Serious Tip to Jumpstart the Distribution of Your Film

One of the best ways to get a film noticed, and develop some credibility for your work, is to take that film to a festival. Even if you win nothing, you’ll still get valuable face time with industry people and … Read More →

How to Get Feedback on a Film

Written by: Charles Matthau For many arriving in Los Angeles, the dream of filmmaking feels like it’s about to become a reality. The sense of optimism is hard to deny, but it’s not an easy task. Even if you’ve made … Read More →

Get the Shot You Want When You Use These Tips

Memorable shots tend to have a reflective kind of beauty about them. They can be slow, lingering close-ups like the great Sergio Leone’s work in the Dollars Trilogy. They can be camera tricks and cuts like the Matrix perfected, but … Read More →

Sound: How to Set Mood in Film

The Foley FX room of any sound studio is a pretty magical place, where objects that we see in our everyday lives become fodder for the sounds that make movies feel real to audiences. Sound and music can do the … Read More →

J.K. Rowling’s ‘Very Good Lives’ and other commencement speeches turned books

On April 14, a speech that “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling gave to the graduating class at Harvard will be immortalized in print. She joins authors including David Foster Wallace and George Saunders whose commencement speeches have been printed in … Read More →

‘Game of Thrones’ author posts ‘Winds of Winter’ excerpt

George R. R. Martin has a third sample chapter from “A Song of Ice And Fire” up on his website, offering another preview of the series' sixth entry. The scene-setting 6,700-word excerpt from “Winds of Winter” takes place from the … Read More →

Winnie-the-Pooh: new tales, and an origin story

A. A. Milne's “Winnie-The-Pooh,” released in 1926, has been a classic for generations. Announced by publisher Egmont, the new anthology is to be published in October 2016, marking the 90th anniversary of the original book See the original post:  Winnie-the-Pooh: … Read More →

Traditional print books still preferred by Millennials

E-books have yet to take over from print — far from it, in fact — when it comes to Millennials, according to a survey by Publishing Technology. The UK content solutions provider surveyed 1,000 Millennials — defined here as 18-to-34-year-olds … Read More →

Sequel to Larsson’s Millennium trilogy packs sci-fi spy intrigue

View original post here:  Sequel to Larsson’s Millennium trilogy packs sci-fi spy intrigue… Read More →