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How to Get Paid for your Articles

How to Get Paid for your Articles

If you have a way with words, why not invest in it? More and more people are discovering the joys and rewards of freelance writing. Instead of writing for yourself, write for other people who will enjoy reading your articles. Best of all, you have be a freelance writer without disrupting your current lifestyle, or you could say goodbye to your place behind the desk and work conveniently from home.... [Read more]

Mistakes to Avoid when Freelance Writing

Mistakes to Avoid when Freelance Writing

Once you have made a decision to become a freelance writer, you will need to learn how to make your writing business gain positive light. Freelance writing newbies often commit mistakes that send their chances spiraling down the drain. Here are just some of them: Plagiarizing This is the mortal sin of all writing, freelance or not. This basically happens when you steal someone else’s ideas and make... [Read more]

What to Look for in a Photographer

There’s a misconception by many people that anyone with a camera can be a photographer. This is an especially risky thought to have if you’re looking for a commercial photographer in New York City. Per capita, it’s hard to imagine any city in the world having more photographers than New York and they are definitely not all created the same.  If you’re looking for NYC fashion photographers,... [Read more]

Selecting the Best Photographer in New York

New York does not lack for artists or creative types. So if you need a photographer, you won’t have any problem finding options. Of course, not all photographers in New York are going to be up to the task. Here are some easy ways to cut through all our options. First, figure out what kind of photography you want. Is this a shoot for business reasons? Then you need a commercial photographer. Are you... [Read more]

An Interesting Take on the Matrix – By Phin Upham

“Existential Phenomenology and the Brave New World of The Matrix” is an essay written by Hubert L. Dreyfus and Stephen D. Dreyfus, included in Phin Upham’s book Space of Love and Garbage. Hubert Dreyfus is Professor of Philosophy in the graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley. His research interests bridge the analytic and Continental traditions in 20th-century philosophy,... [Read more]

Is It Time to Put an End to the Word Literally?

By Phin Upham It’s a sociological truth that language evolves over time, with societies having their own interpretation on the meaning of a word. In some cases, this can mean that its meaning is subverted entirely. But according to Martha Gill in The Guardian, this isn’t always a good thing. Her example: the current dual usage of the word “literally.” The original definition of “literally”... [Read more]

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Biography of late comedian Joan Rivers to be published in 2016

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A biography of legendary comedian , who died earlier this month, will be published in 2016, publisher Little, Brown and Company said on Wednesday. “Joan Rivers: A Life” will be penned by Vanity Fair and New York Times journalist Leslie Bennetts and will also be available as an audio and e-book. “Joan Rivers was more than a comedian – she was an icon... [Read more]

Hedonistic 1980s New York revisited in new novel

Conjuring up the hedonistic world of 1980s New York — the endless parties, reckless spending, casual sex and drugs — was the easiest part of US writer Robert Goolrick's latest novel. The former high-flying advertising executive moved to New York as a young man from small town America and lived out what he saw as a dream. “I knew these people, I went to these parties, I did the... [Read more]

Long tongues and leaping cats in 60th World Records book

From super-long tongues to leaping cats, a host of weird and wacky landmarks have made the cut for 60th anniversary edition of the Guinness World Records book launched on Wednesday. They include Californian Nick Stoeberl, possessor of the world's longest tongue at 10.1 centimetres (four inches). British film buff Nick Bennett earned a place in the compendium for having the largest collection... [Read more]

Barnes & Noble comparable sales improve; shares rise

The company's retail core comparable store sales, which exclude its Nook digital unit and college bookstores, fell 0.4 percent in the first quarter ended Aug. 2. Analysts polled by research firm Consensus Metrix had expected same-store sales to decline 2 percent. Movie tie-in editions of popular books such as Disney's “Frozen” and Gillian Flynn's “Gone Girl”... [Read more]

Why You Can – Or Can’t – Handle Eating Hot Peppers

Posted by: Samuel Phineas Upham For most people, adding the jalapeno they grow in their garden to their homemade salsa is as spicy as they can handle. But the dozen or so contests at a Naga King Chili eating contest in northern India had to deal with an entirely different challenge: eating a chili pepper that is at least 125 times hotter than a jalapeno. At the end of the event, a contestant went to... [Read more]