Tips for Writing the Best Cover Letter

Getting a job these days isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s also not the easier thing to do. With competitive fresh graduates eager to climb the corporate ladder and the job market narrowing its prospects due to recession, how do you make sure your resume ends up in the “shortlist” pile? Most employers now utilize an online application wherein you send a cover letter and comprehensive resume through email. They review your application and get back to you if they like what they see? Many applicants pour all efforts into an awesome resume, but leave little room for a cover letter. The cover letter is termed such because it functions as an introductory page, like a sales proposal, before an employer flips to read your resume, which are but details. Therefore, it has to be well-written and competitive. Here are some tips for writing the best cover letter and ultimately scoring your dream job.

1. Never say “Dear Sir” if you know the name of the person you can address it to. Do a little research and find out the person responsible for the recruitment process.

2. Never fill the page with fluff. Be concise, because less is more. As a guide, limit your letter to three paragraphs. The first one talks about where you found the job ad and why you are interested. The second should highlight your education background and experience. The third can be used as closing. Be sure to include how you can be contacted.

3. Sell yourself – focus on why you should be hired, but be realistic. Choose words that are enthusiastic and passionate, but not exaggerated.

4. Express initiative. Let the employer know you would like to set up an interview to discuss your application further.

5. Finally, include your contact details and let the employer know you may be reached at their convenience.