Mistakes to Avoid when Freelance Writing

Article Written by : Daily Makeover Beauty Board

Once you have made a decision to become a freelance writer, you will need to learn how to make your writing business gain positive light. Freelance writing newbies often commit mistakes that send their chances spiraling down the drain. Here are just some of them:

This is the mortal sin of all writing, freelance or not. This basically happens when you steal someone else’s ideas and make it your own, getting credit for someone you did not work hard on. When you plagiarize, you are hurting someone else’s business, but are hurting yours even more. You could be blacklisted and may have a harder time applying for freelance writing jobs. To avoid this, do adequate research and learn how to substitute words and phrases with your own, a process called paraphrasing.

Being incoherent
Never be in a hurry to make some money out of your articles. A common mistake is writing pointlessly, without a proper introduction, body and conclusion. As a result, the reader is confused and may not be driven to believe what your article is saying.

Taking grammar and spelling loosely
No matter how well you write, you will definitely lose customers and readers if you don’t perform a spell-check and proofread your articles before submission. Bad grammar and spelling tells a reader you are not professional and not credible enough.

Writing bad titles
The title, or the headline of your articles are always the attention-grabbers. But if you write lame titles, don’t expect your articles to get any attention. Write titles in the form of a question, and make sure it implies a benefit to the reader. Otherwise, the reader will be left thinking, “What’s in it for me?” and will move on if they don’t find anything interesting about the title.

Choosing bad keywords
Finally, if you are SEO-writing, you will need to know that the income of your articles will depend on how well it does on search engines. So, before you write an article, choose a set of strong keywords that will help your articles land on a high place in several search engines.

Some of these things they don’t teach you at school, so it takes experience and research to learn.