Selecting the Best Photographer in New York

New York does not lack for artists or creative types. So if you need a photographer, you won’t have any problem finding options. Of course, not all photographers in New York are going to be up to the task. Here are some easy ways to cut through all our options.

First, figure out what kind of photography you want. Is this a shoot for business reasons? Then you need a commercial photographer. Are you getting married? You need a wedding photographer. The list goes on. But this step is important in order to cut off a number of options that simply aren’t right.

Second, start getting an idea for what the range of costs is in that field. You can always set your budget beforehand, but this step will undoubtedly affect it.

Third, be sure to look at their portfolio. This, above all else, will indicate what you can expect from them should you make them your choice. With so many schools in NYC, not to mention elsewhere, it’s easy to get caught up in credentials. But a resume doesn’t make a good photographer.

Lastly, ask for references. Depending on what you need from the photographer, you could be working quite closely with them. It’s important there’s some chemistry or at least a lack of any friction.


Article submitted by Steven Paul Photography. Steven Paul is a professional photographer NYC has taken notice of in a big way. Expect to continue seeing his work everywhere you look.