How to Get Paid for your Articles

Article Written by : HTY Weddings

If you have a way with words, why not invest in it? More and more people are discovering the joys and rewards of freelance writing. Instead of writing for yourself, write for other people who will enjoy reading your articles. Best of all, you have be a freelance writer without disrupting your current lifestyle, or you could say goodbye to your place behind the desk and work conveniently from home. Here are some friendly tips on how to get paid for your articles.

Know your expertise.

Good writers are great wherever you put them, but if you are going to make money out of writing, you’d rather write on topics you are most passionate about. This way, it won’t feel much like a task. Lots of writers complain of writer’s block, or the inability to find the words for a written piece. If you know a lot about a topic, and are passionate about researching, you can get away from this challenge easily.

Know where to submit your articles.

Once you have decided on which topics you’d like to concentrate on, you can now choose where you’d like to submit your articles to. Websites like Squidoo and Associated Content are popular among freelance writers. While you don’t get paid for writing per se, you will earn a percentage of advertising fees every time your article is viewed.

Join a writing team.

If you would like to be spared the trouble of looking for people who will buy your articles, you can join a ghostwriting team which already usually has a list of clients their members write for. Ghostwriting means you won’t have rights to the articles, but you will get a good price for your material.

Sign up at an online job marketplace.

Elance and Freelancer are two common online marketplaces where writers and other freelancers meet buyers who are willing to pay for writing services. Discover how you can maximize your potentials by browsing a large database of jobs and finding the one that best suits your qualifications.