How to Get Feedback on a Film

Written by: Charles Matthau

For many arriving in Los Angeles, the dream of filmmaking feels like it’s about to become a reality. The sense of optimism is hard to deny, but it’s not an easy task. Even if you’ve made films before you decided to get into the movie industry, how do you know your films can be successful? Only feedback can help you in that respect, so be on the lookout for opportunities to screen your film.

Mentors and Workshops

You might think investing in these types of programs is a bad idea, and it certainly can be if the company is not reputable, but it may be worth investing in a workshop to hone your craft. A mentorship, if you can find one, is another excellent way to gain some insight from someone who knows something about the craft. What you don’t want is paying for a session full of hot air. Browse the Web and gather some information about your source before you invest in any formal training.

It also helps to seek training with a specific purpose, as opposed to general training in filmmaking. How to sell a screenplay, for example, is a much better class than something like “Tips on Filmmaking”.


Film festivals are populated with film critics, who always have something to say about filmmaking. That’s not the only advantage, however. You also get to meet executives who can give better insight into why certain films are marketable, while others seem technically incredibly but remain un-distributed.

Festivals aren’t expensive unless you have to travel, so limit who attends if you need to save money on the travel expenses.

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